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Our team is committed to providing you and your employees with cost-effective HR management services that help you meet your employees’ needs and improve your personnel efficiency. We operate with the highest levels of service, quality and expertise.

STREAMLINE CXO is a key component to staying focused on your core business initiatives.

There is no magic number to determine if you are too big or too small for our services. The number of employees you have only contributes to the number of potential conflicts or regulation you will have to encounter as an employer.

By learning more about your current processes through our Client Audit meeting(s), we are able to make sure we are recommending solutions that actually fit your needs and growth plans.

3 Simple Steps to Uncovering the Benefits We Provide Our Clients and Their Employees

  1. We’ll meet face to face to learn more about your current situation.
  2. You’ll complete a short HR assessment tool that enables us to identify the areas where we can help the most.
  3. STREAMLINE CXO will provide you with specific HR solutions that are most beneficial to your business.

Click here to view the STREAMLINE CXO Business Philosophy & Strategic Decision Overview

Client Testimonials

  • “When my law partner and I started our law firm, we knew two things about HR: 1) HR services are vital to a well-run office and 2) we didn’t want to worry with any aspect of HR. We have worked with STREAMLINE (or the precursor of Streamline CXO) since we started our law practice in 2005. We have been able to focus on our work product while Streamline has been our HR department. Streamline’s staff is knowledgeable, professional, accessible and helpful. If I had to do it over, without question, I would again engage STREAMLINE CXO for HR.”

    Leah F. Scalise, Shareholder
    Hughes & Scalise

  • “I would highly recommend the services of STREAMLINE CXO. They are extremely knowledgeable and are very responsive to our needs.”

    Amy S. Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Baptist Health System, Inc.

  • “WorkFaith Birmingham’s mission is to empower people that are facing employment barriers with the skills and ethics to succeed in the workforce. STREAMLINE CXO has proven to be a crucial partner in our success because they have empowered me with time to focus on our clients. In all my interactions with Streamline, the entire staff has been prompt, patient, and accurate in addressing our questions and helping me to efficiently manage our organization. STREAMLINE CXO has simplified the HR side of our organization, which has allowed me to devote more time to growing and efficiently leading our ministry. Our relationship is much more than vendor/client, Streamline and WorkFaith are partners in empowering people.”

    Andy Blake, Executive Director
    WorkFaith Birmingham

  • STREAMLINE CXO handles so much for us relating to payroll administration, human resources functions, pre-employment screening, Federal compliance regulations and even health and other insurance benefits. They respond quickly and are a pleasure to work with. They provide any help we need, allowing us to focus on our business rather than payroll and HR administrative duties.”

    Lynn Webb, VP-Finance/HR
    Pivotal Partner, Inc.

HR Tips

STREAMLINE CXO continually provides our clients with resources that help them improve as employers. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the topics below or if you have other areas of personnel / HR matters you are dealing with

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