STREAMLINE CXO provides HR Services including:

STREAMLINE CXO also offers a complimentary Human Resources analysis service.


HR Software

Through our secure web based information program each Client Employer has the ability to:


  • Provide user level access security for clients
  • Monitor web-site access
  • Post documents such as handbooks and safety manuals
  • Post documents to a common site to be viewed by your employees

Client Entry Functions

Employee time sheet processing (enter hours and other payroll related information over the Internet)

Client Update Functions

  • Update employee personal information such as changes in address, phone numbers, marital status, tax status, etc.
  • Update employee benefit and deduction selections (open enrollment)
  • Update pay rate information (completed by client only
  • Update client setup information such as addresses, phone numbers, contacts, etc.

Client Inquiry Functions

  • View and print client invoices
  • View and print client payroll reports
  • View and print employee information
  • View and print various reports on employees

Employee Inquiry Functions

  • View and print personal information including pay, benefit, deduction, direct deposit, and tax information.
  • View and print pay stubs
  • View and print pay history
  • Update personal information including address, phone numbers and withholding
  • Customize login page for news, weather, sports, investor, etc., information

Human Resource Administration

Proper planning for any business is a major key in how successful that business is over time.
Proper planning on the “people side” of the business is a big part of determining success.

In this age of high liability, it’s important to conduct all phases of your employee relations according to the law. With STREAMLINE CXO as a partner, you have a ready source for information and advice AND you have someone who shares your liability on many issues. The risk reduction is significant.

Handling Employees correctly from the start

STREAMLINE CXO will make sure you have proper policies in place for correctly hiring, disciplining, and terminating employees as well as making sure your employee handbook contains the most current required federal laws. This is in addition to making sure your policies and procedures are updated and in sync with all laws so that every employee will know their options, rights, and responsibilities.

STREAMLINE CXO will provide services involving:

STREAMLINE CXO’s Retirement Plan: An Open Multiple Employer Plan

For business owners…. and for those responsible for overseeing your company’s retirement plan, we simplify business by assuming most of the burdens and much of the liability associated with having a company retirement plan.

Official description of our plan:

An Open MEP is a retirement plan set up by an entity–a principal plan sponsor–to allow participating employers to pool their resources and the assets of their plan to obtain higher levels of services and achieve economies of scale. The principal plan sponsor bears much of the responsibility (and therefore much of the liability) for running the retirement plan.  The operations of the plan (i.e., administration) and the plan’s assets (i.e., plan investment options) are transferred to an existing platform designed for the specific purpose of reducing some of the burdens of fiduciary responsibility (and therefore fiduciary liability) from the participating employers.


We can relieve you of all the work required in establishing and maintaining a sound retirement plan. We offer an outstanding investment program and the ability for any employee to find it easy to participate, no matter what their level of investment experience might be.

Plan Features for Employers:

Employer Plan Options:

Group Benefits

One of the greatest obstacles in hiring talented employees is not offering competitive benefits. Through our Co-employer relationship* we deliver a comprehensive benefits package that will assist you in hiring top quality employees that will also increase employee satisfaction.

For all benefit plans, STREAMLINE CXO’S service will cover:

*NOTE: Through our Business Associate relationship we will work with you to simplify the administration of your current benefits and to enhance those benefits when possible.

Payroll Administration

We make it our business to stay on top of paperwork………particularly when it comes to the requirements and government regulations involved with Payroll Administration.

The result in this work is peace of mind for employers, and satisfaction among employees.

Workers’ Compensation

Operating a safe work environment is smart business. We will be your partner in reducing workers’ compensation exposure through efficient case management and administration.

Time & Attendance

With innovative electronic time clock technology, managing your employee’s TIME & ATTENDANCE has never been easier.

One of your most significant expenses is your labor cost. It is also one that is most easily controlled. Our timekeeping solution was designed with “everyday people” in mind, which means that we offer timekeeping solutions that are:

Learn more about our Time & Attendance Solutions.