What size company needs our service?

The reality is, the day you hired your first employee, (to help you with your primary business) you entered into the personnel business. There is no magic number to determine if you are too big or too small for our services. The number of employees you have only contributes to the number of potential conflicts or regulation you will have to encounter as an employer.

Your Options

STREAMLINE CXO offers a complimentary

Working together with you, we explore and evaluate or audit your existing processes and policies to help determine which service option(s) best meets your current needs:

By learning more about your current processes through our Client Audit meeting(s), we are able to make sure we are recommending solutions that ACTUALLY fit your needs and growth plans.

Evaluation Criteria

Understanding your current philosophy on how you manage your business, where you see areas of growth, were you have identified or mis-identified areas of your business that “cost” you money vs. make you profitable, are all important towards finding the right solutions.

Co-Employer Solution (CER)

Single Employer solution (SER)

Benefit-Payroll Administration solution (BPA)